Press Release
"Just wanted to share that even with mandates expiring tomorrow we will be continuing with our standards of staying at 50% seating capacity, keeping our floor plan open with social distancing seating and will continue to spray vital oxide weekly to ensure the safety of all..."
Restaurants band together to continue COVID-19 safety protocols - February 07, 2021
Kooskia City Council: Wastewater facility draft sent to DEQ
Idaho County Free Press - December 23, 2020
"In April, cleaners began fogging parts of the inside of the centre with an industrial disinfectant to try to stop the spread of the COVID-19 virus. The disinfectant compound is branded Vital Oxide and is benign enough to humans that it can be applied without any personal protective gear..."
Queue questions: Chief of Saskatoon Tribal Council wants to know where jails fit into vaccination plan
CBC - December 21, 2020
"The Aeroclave uses Vital Oxide as the disinfectant. The machine can be used with a hand applicator to target specific areas or can be set up in a vehicle or room to disinfect the area. The Aeroclave produces a fine mist that covers the area. Chief Holbrook pointed out the Vital Oxide is electronic friendly unlike most of the alcohol-based cleaners. 'We have used the device on patrol cars several times as well as in the police offices and even the meeting room after the public meetings...'"
Fire tax saves the day for one Mountain Top fire company
The Citizens' Voice - December 14, 2020
"'The added benefit of these technologies is that the air purifier and Vital Oxide sprayer kill other pathogens in addition to COVID, which will help us to keep people healthier during cold and flu season,' Pojmann said..."
As deaths climb, DOC installs air purifiers, disinfectant machines
The Daily Journal Online - December 08, 2020
"The equipment sprays out an environmentally friendly disinfectant called Vital Oxide that will be used to help slow down the spread of viruses. These devices will be given out to public officials so that they can train their employees to be able to clean offices and buildings when needed..."
Decontamination system designed to help stop the spread of viruses
KALB Channel 5 - December 04, 2020
"Kooskia ambulance also purchased a Vital Oxide disinfection unit for a combined cost of $6,800. The information sheet states that the UV-C light is proven effective against viruses, bacteria, molds and spores..."
UV light disinfection system an ‘extra level of protection’
Idaho County Free Press - December 02, 2020
"Danville Area School District Superintendent Dr. Ricki Boyle said the school uses a product called Vital Oxide Disinfectant. Vital Oxide is an EPA-approved fogger, according to the company. 'Vital Oxide is one of the few disinfectants that can be dispersed in this manner,' the company said on its website..."
Fogging disinfectants: COVID-era friend or foe?
Northcentral PA - November 17, 2020
"The fire department purchased an AeroClave decontamination unit with a chemical inside called Vital Oxide solution. It’s safe for vehicles and electronics and it’s also FDA approved. This chemical fights multiple types of bacteria, viruses and different things that can pose health threats..."
Valdosta Fire Department gets new sanitation gear
WALB News 10 - November 11, 2020
"I would like to point out drivers and students wear masks while they are on the buses. We also have our windows cracked to maximize airflow," he said. "Finally, after each run with students, the drivers disinfect the entire bus with Vital Oxide before starting another run..."
Bartlesville makes school bus route changes amid personnel shortages
Examiner-Enterprise - November 09, 2020
"A local company, Cat 5 pressure washing, comes through every night at close and they spray vital oxide," said Pino. 'What that does is its hospital-grade approved to kill the coronavirus. He comes in and sprays the whole house down because the number one concern for us is customer safety...'"
‘Skin Wars’ star comes to area attraction to make the experience even scarier
WMBF News - October 29, 2020
"At 3:00 p.m. when classes let out for the day, teachers spray Vital Oxide, which sits for ten minutes before the second shift of custodians comes in to clean again..."
Pickaway-Ross custodian leads charge against coronavirus in school
Chillicothe Gazette - October 21, 2020
"The post further stated the restaurant immediately ordered the deep sanitization and cleaning of the restaurant using the Vital Oxide disinfectant. All staff has been alerted so they can schedule tests, according to the post..."
Beach Club Bistro temporarily closed after employee tests positive for COVID-19
The News-Herald - October 21, 2020
Beach Club Bistro in Euclid temporarily closed after positive COVID-19 test - October 20, 2020
"The three-step process begins by hand cleaning all surfaces in the school with a specific focus on the high-touch areas. The crew then sanitizes using environmentally safe Vital Oxide disinfectant before applying the long-term surface protectant that inhibits the growth of microorganisms..."
Local Hero: Bio Cleaning Company Helps Keep Pepin Students Safe
Yahoo News - October 16, 2020
"Actors temperatures are checked when they arrive, everyone must wear masks, there’s distancing signs placed in line and there’s a daily disinfecting of all the surfaces on the grounds with Vital Oxide, a chemical EPA approved to kill the coronavirus..."
A good scare: Panic Attack haunted attraction takes precautions against COVID-19
WECT News 6 - October 10, 2020
"The cleaning product that will be used in the sprayers is vital oxide, which has been approved by the EPA for use against the coronavirus that causes COVID-19..."
Richland Youth Hockey ready to sanitize during season
Sidney Herald - October 04, 2020
Windsor Central High School custodian explains changes made for school year
News 12 WBNG - October 02, 2020
Extreme Halloween starts Friday at Hunt Club Farm with COVID-19 restrictions in place
WTKR 3 - September 24, 2020
"One of the tools the school division has purchased is a sprayer that uses a disinfectant called Vital Oxide to make cleaning faster. "It means that disinfecting one of our classrooms takes two to three minutes instead of — I am sure you can imagine how long it would take to use bleach and water or something," West said..."
Disinfectant sprayers, COVID-19 consultants: Reopening in a pandemic costs Sask. school divisions up to $1M
Yahoo News Canada - September 01, 2020
"That’s when the couple found the chlorine dioxide cleaner Vital Oxide. Chlorine dioxide is the chemical compound frequently added to drinking water and is a known disinfectant. The product, Vital Oxide, offers a formula that can be applied through fogging (which is exactly what it sounds like)..."
COVID spins Kelly Konno Studio into the cleaning business
The Bowen Island Undercurrent - August 27, 2020
"The Hopkinton Fire Department was one of more than 100 local and state public safety agencies to receive funding. The money will be used to purchase PPE, cordless electrostatic sprayers and Vital Oxide cleaner..."
Hopkinton Fire Dept. Awarded Over $6,000 In Coronavirus Grant
Yahoo News - August 26, 2020
"The school division — which includes 44 elementary schools, eight high schools, three faith-based associate schools and an adult campus — plans to disinfect its buildings at least every 24 hours using a solution called Vital Oxide..."
Saskatchewan school board shares plan to take disinfecting to the next level
Global News - August 26, 2020
"The RDS unit dispenses a mist of Vital Oxide, a chorine-based disinfectant, through a port that has been installed at the rear of each bus..."
Linn Shuttle's new bus sanitization system first in state for transit use
The New Era - August 26, 2020
Storms in the Gulf Prompt Evacuations at Several TDCJ Units
EIN Presswire - August 25, 2020
"Route to safety: Bryan ISD works to try to keep buses safe for students"
They use the solution called Vital Oxide, which is approved by the CDC and EPA to be used against coronavirus, and at the end of the day, the buses are disinfected and sanitized again by an electrostatic spray of the Vital Oxide solution, according to Lanphier...
KBTX-TV - August 21, 2020
"We’ve implemented rigorous cleaning standards, sanitation throughout the hotel, and we’re even utilizing an innovation called Vital Clean, which includes a full disinfecting routine using Vital Oxide in each guest room. Vital Oxide kills 99.9% of bacteria and viruses..."
Sidney sets the pace for safety and hospitality
Times Colonist - August 19, 2020
"We started ramping up our cleaning operations, along with doing a vital oxide spray once every couple of weeks on the buses. Most recently, we’ve stationed a contractor out at our major transit hubs, and midday they’re coming on the buses and wiping down high-touch areas..."
The New Passenger Experience: In a COVID-19 World, Communicating about Cleanliness is Key
Mass Transit - August 18, 2020
"All Woodlands Express buses are being sprayed daily using Vital Oxide, which is a medical grade disinfectant. We have taken special consideration to areas that are touched more frequently such as handrails, seats, and armrests..."
Woodlands Township Launches #Sitsafe Transit Initiative
Patch - August 17, 2020
"The university has purchased electrostatic sprayers to disinfect large areas and has introduced a series of new chemicals – Vital Oxide, Virex Tb and Spectra 410 – that are registered by the EPA as effective against SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes the disease COVID-19..."
W&M introduces new cleaning, disinfecting techniques to combat COVID-19
William & Mary - August 14, 2020
ACOVSD prepared for in-person school opening
The People's Defender - August 11, 2020
Back to School: Local school districts invest hundreds of thousands into new sanitization technology
WHIO-TV 7 - August 10, 2020
"Cenla leaders met to learn about the company and their machine, which uses a solution called vital oxide. The company explained the system is non-toxic, non-corrosive, and environmentally friendly..."
Rapides Parish gets new disinfecting machine
KALB - August 06, 2020
"When used with Vital Oxide® (sold separately), the SM1200 will disinfect most surfaces. "It's simple to use and perfect for sanitizing homes, schools, churches, hospitals, kitchens, parks and more," said William Alexander, EVP of Sales and Marketing at the FNA Group..."
SIMPSON® pressure washers join the fight against COVID-19
CISION PR Newswire - August 04, 2020
"Each driver will be provided with vital oxide, vital oxide is CDC recommended, said Gates Electrostatic cleaning will be done at the beginning and end of each day..."
Local school districts providing safety plans for buses
KBTX-TV - August 04, 2020
"Environmental Sanitation Workers: Disinfect common areas and touch points with Vital Oxide and Karcher misting machines and microfiber mops following schedule provided by administration. Custodians: Disinfect common areas and touch points with Vital Oxide following schedule provided by administration..."
ACOVSD Board discusses reopening plans, remote learning, new school hours
The People's Defender - July 31, 2020
"Some might think any disinfectant saying it kills 99 percent of germs is all you need. However, Wright said that’s not necessarily the case because every extra digit after the decimal matters, even if it’s just a .9 percent..."
'Not all disinfectants are created equal': Owner of cleaning service explains why killing 99% of germs is not always enough
WCNC Charlotte - July 31, 2020
"Auditoriums, seating surfaces, washrooms and common areas will be disinfected with Vital Oxide. Completely odorless and 100% biodegradable Vital Oxide has been proven to kill 99.99% of bacteria and has been approved by Health Canada for use against SARS-CoV-2, the Coronavirus that causes COVID-19..."
Landmark Cinemas Announces Reopening of its Theatres Across Ontario
Cision PR Newswire - July 30, 2020
"We literally mist the entire terminal with a chemical called vital oxide every other night and that’s good to kill any bacteria or virus for up to ten days,” Stage said, but some things are just unpredictable. “It’s almost impossible to project passenger loads even as far out as next month..."
Local airports report higher than expected passenger turnout
WJHG News 7 - July 29, 2020
"Customers can also expect best in class protection within their ride, with every Hala (Dubai Taxi) undergoing a full and thorough Vital Oxide sanitisation every day, alongside the installation of isolating screens and sanitising materials in every car. These new standards will be reinforced with the implementation of a host of new product features within the Careem app; the exclusive smart booking platform for Dubai Taxis..."
Hala (Dubai Taxi) introduces sweeping new safety measures aimed at maximising protection of riders and captains
ZAWYA - July 27, 2020
"Each school will be sanitized daily, with emphasis on areas needing increased sanitation. Oyler discussed “a more systematic approach to cleaning” involving the implementation of a two-step cleaning process. Step one was the use of Vital Oxide, a disinfectant cleaner registered by the Environmental Protection Agency and approved by the CDC. According to Oyler, Vital Oxide kills 99.9 percent of germs. The substance was also a non-irritant and non-corrosive, with no rinsing required..."
Board talks Healthy at School plans
The Pioneer News - July 27, 2020
(Exclusive) 'No small potatoes,' Sheriff Salazar touts decrease in inmate population at the jail
BuzzFeedzz - July 18, 2020
"FOD custodians will clean the high-touch surfaces at least twice a day with a chemical called Vital Oxide, which has been approved by the Environmental Protection Agency for use against the coronavirus..."
The Lantern - July 14, 2020
"The firm’s promotional material indicates that the Western PurClean treatment utilizes the disinfectant Vital Oxide, which is rated as Toxicity Category IV, EPA’s lowest toxicity rating, defined as "practically non-toxic and not an irritant”. It contains no ozone-harming volatile organic compounds and is mild on skin, hard surfaces, and fabrics. Furthermore, Vital Oxide is rated "no rinse required on food contact surfaces," category D2, by NSF International..."
Western Fumigation introduces Western PurClean
The Produce News - July 13, 2020
"The chemical, called Vital Oxide, is a hospital-grade, Health Canada approved spray that acts as a fog that lands on everything in the room, sanitizing it, without the need to wipe off. McKay says it takes about 10 minutes to fog a normal-sized room..."
Regina non-profit offering cleaning service through pandemic
620 CKRM - July 13, 2020
"To maintain sanitation of the fleet of 96 buses, Aggie Transit System requires drivers to disinfect the buses multiple times while on their shift. The system has also hired an outside cleaning service. “We are actually going to be doing a weekly disinfecting using vital oxide. So we have a service that is coming in, and they will continue to do that on a weekly basis..."
Texas A&M Transit System issues new rider policy in an effort to prevent the spread of COVID-19
ABC 25 - July 01, 2020
"Gambill Amusement is providing the rides for the festival. Owner Shane Turner said they're ready for a possible influx of fun-seekers with surrounding counties canceling their fairs. "We've got the vital oxide to disinfect the rides," Turner said. "Every hour, I've got one guy on the payroll to spray the rides all night long..."
Logan's Freedom Festival returns as first local fair in W.Va. since pandemic
"Auditoriums, seating surfaces, washrooms and common areas will be disinfected with Vital Oxide. Completely odorless and 100% biodegradable Vital Oxide has been proven to kill 99.99% of bacteria and has been approved by Health Canada for use against SARS-CoV-2, the Coronavirus that causes COVID-19..."
Landmark Cinemas Announces Reopening of Theatres in Alberta and B.C.
Cision - June 22, 2020
Landmark Cinemas in Courtenay, Campbell River reopening July 3
My Campbell River Now - June 22, 2020
"During the cleaning, Stanley Steemer electrostatically sprayed Vital Oxide, an EPA-approved disinfectant that has been demonstrated effective against viruses similar to COVID-19, according to the company..."
Stanley Steemer Donates Disinfection Services to Special Needs Gym
Sun Sentinel - June 16, 2020
"Additional safety measures that will continue include the nightly cleaning of each bus in accordance with established protocols for preventing the spread of COVID-19. This process includes doubling the bleach content of cleaning products, as well as using Vital Oxide, a sanitizing fog sprayed throughout the vehicles and ferry boats. Hand sanitizer dispensers also have been set up at CAT facilities for employees and customers..."
CAT Set to Increase Operating Hours on June 15
Connect Savannah - June 08, 2020
"Managers at Pizza Wings n Things in Temple have confirmed that a member of the staff has tested positive for COVID-19..."
Temple Restaurant Employee Tests Positive for COVID-19
Central Texas Local News (KCEN TV) - June 02, 2020
"Disinfection teams consist of guardsmen from Joint Task Force 176 and are equipped with specialized supplies, such as personal protective equipment, ionized sprayers, and Vital Oxide. The teams have been trained by the Texas Military Department 6th Civil Support Team, which specializes in man-made and natural disaster assessment..."
Nursing homes to be disinfected, residents and staff tested
DailyTrib - May 15, 2020
"Vital Oxide is a disinfectant made of chlorine dioxide, which has been used to snuff out MRSA infestations in schools and hospitals..."
National Guard Deployed to Disinfect Texas Nursing Homes
Courthouse News Service - May 14, 2020
"The National Guard is being deployed to Texas nursing homes to fight against COVID. The teams are equipped with advanced personal protective gear, ionized sprayers and vital oxide, a hospital-grade disinfectant. Six teams have already been deployed and more will come online in the coming days. Read the full order from Gov. Greg Abbott here: Governor Abbott, Texas National Guard Launch Disinfection Mission For Nursing Facilities..."
Daybreak Today Thursday Morning Brief
KCBD News - May 14, 2020
"Iarusso began researching which products vetted by Health Canada were most effective at killing COIVD-19 on surfaces along with the best ways to apply these products for maximum results. The solution he found is Vital Oxide, a hospital-grade disinfectant that can be sprayed on any surface and kills 99.999 per cent of deadly bacteria and viruses in minutes..."
"That’s why instead we combined the two most effective methods against viruses such as COVID19. We use fogging to combat viruses on open surfaces. And then we use electrically charged particles of our EPA registered agent called Vital Oxide in order to shrink our formula down to match the size of the virus. So that we safely and precisely destroy the virus right where they are hiding..."
Is Your Office Space a Perfect Hideout for Viruses?
The Yeshiva World - May 13, 2020
" Vital Oxide is non-irritating to skin, non-corrosive to most treated articles, NSF-certified (no rinse required) for food-contact surfaces, and listed as a category IV (lowest approved category) pesticide with the EPA. Recently, Vital Oxide was approved by the EPA to be effective against the SARS-COVID-2 pathogen which causes the COVID-19 virus..."
Aircraft tech for combating COVID-19
Wings Magazine - May 05, 2020
"In addition our nightly and mid-day cleaning with a germicidal bleach solution, we recently added a new spray solution called Vital Oxide," said MTS chief operating officer Mike Wygant. "It's an additional layer of product that is recommended by the EPA to kill COVID-19 on contact..."
Chemical Fogger Now Fighting COVID: MTS
NBC San Diego - May 01, 2020
"Textile Rubber donated 10 gallons of Vital Oxide, a powerful disinfecting product manufactured in Dalton that has quickly turned into a big seller lately across the nation, even to FEMA. One of the lieutenants at the fire department saw a YouTube video about how to use the aerosol chemical, and firefighters converted three air packs into sprayers that are used daily to disinfect all 12 stations..."
Whitfield Emergency Leaders: Planning Ahead For Years Paid Off With Response To COVID-19
The Chattanoogan - May 01, 2020
"In addition to deep cleaning its aircraft, EIC operators fog them with a product called Vital Oxide, a commercial and residential disinfectant approved for use against the coronavirus variant that causes COVID-19..."
EIC air operators enact stringent pandemic procedures
Skies Mag - April 30, 2020
Local ambulance company talks safety and financial concerns amidst COVID-19
CBS Local News 21 - April 26, 2020
"Like similar companies, GermLogic staff don protective gear for their work; although in this particular case, it’s mostly to prevent possible spread of the coronavirus, as the disinfectant the company uses, Vital Oxide, is said to be safe even on food and doesn’t have to be rinsed after applied. DiCicco said Vital Oxide kills..."
Disinfecters find abundant work during coronavirus pandemic
Kerrville Daily Times - April 25, 2020
"CARSTAR is using a product called Vital Oxide, which is an EPA approved disinfectant and viral sanitizer. The product is commonly used in hospitals, pharmacies, laboratories, ambulances and other virally sensitive environments..."
Colo. CARSTAR Facilities Offering Free Vehicle Sanitization
Fender Bender - April 24, 2020
"Since March 11th ECO Logic has disinfected over 3.5 million s/f of space in the fight against COVID-19. We use electrostatic sprayers and mechanical cold fogging equipment with Vital Oxide, a hospital grade disinfectant on the EPAs List N of approved products to fight coronavirus and specifically COVID 19..."
How the construction industry is responding to COVID-19
Nerej - April 17, 2020
"Automax Recruiting and Training announced a partnership with PermaSafe Protective Coatings. PermaSafe is an easy to install antimicrobial protection system that not only kills 99.999% of harmful bacteria and viruses, but also provides continuous antimicrobial protection that can last and remain effective for months or more..."
Benzinga - April 17, 2020
"In response to the new coronavirus, the Asbury Park Fire Department has purchased a new AeroClave RDS 3110 mobile disinfection system to help protect against the disease. The portable fogging system, which costs approximately $16,000, disinfects on contact by using Vital Oxide..."
Patch - April 16, 2020
"Lee Edington, co-owner of E-Environmental Solutions, said their company is a private company providing hazardous materials mitigation services to municipalities and the disinfection service allows them to "continue to serve the community during this unprecedented pandemic". Many of the technicians who work for E-Environmental are local paid-on-call and off-duty firefighters. Eddington said the company utilizes a product called Vital Oxide, which is an EPA registered product that is effective on the COVID-19, SARS and Ebola viruses..."
XRadio - April 15, 2020
"Helpling continues to offer household cleaning, as well as dedicated disinfectant and sanitisation services, between 8am and 6pm daily. Its disinfection services include non-toxic hospital-grade disinfectants, including Bacoban, Vital Oxide and Anosan, which, the company says, kill 99.9 per cent of bacteria and viruses, and have been approved by the US Environmental Protection Agency for use against Covid-19. They are also safe for children and pets..."
The National - April 15, 2020
The Business Journals - April 15, 2020
"The most effective sanitation process involves the application of a low-toxicity chemical called Vital-Oxide, which decontaminates surfaces coupled with specialized equipment. The proper preventive treatment may last up to 30 days, in combination with the rigorous cleaning of common areas and keeping a watchful eye on staff..."
News is My Business - April 14, 2020
"If if patient is suspected of having COVID-19, then paramedics use a machine that sprays "Vital Oxide" inside the medic as an added precaution. The process takes about a half hour to complete..."
ABC 6 - April 10, 2020
Texas Medical Center - April 10, 2020
"The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) maintains a list of products (List N) that meet the agency’s criteria for use against SARS-CoV-2, the novel coronavirus that causes COVID-19. Using electrostatic sprayers and fogging equipment along with Vital Oxide, a hospital-grade disinfectant that is included on the EPA’s List N, ECO Logic has helped allay fears that spaces may have become contaminated by coronavirus..."
ECO Logic hired by Fitchburg State University to prepare campus buildings for response to COVID-19 Pandemic
NEREJ - April 07, 2020
"At all of its locations, the nonprofit said all touch points on bikes and kiosks will be disinfected between four and eight times per day. Beginning next week, Houston Bcycle also said it will make weekly sprays of an “EPA-approved, long-lasting Vital Oxide disinfectant” at its stations..."
Houston Bcycle closes some stations amidst overcrowding
The Leader - April 04, 2020
"The RDS 3110 functions either manually or automatically; in its manual mode, a crew member attaches a hose and nozzle to the console and sprays the disinfectant, Vital Oxide, on contaminated surfaces. In the automatic mode, the device is placed in the vehicle, and it emits a Vital Oxide fog that decontaminates every surface in the enclosed area. The fogging process takes about 20 minutes..."
The Gainesville Sun - March 20, 2020
"DART has implemented several additional measures to clean vehicles and facilities to help limit the spread of the illness. Buses have been and continue to be thoroughly disinfected with Vital Oxide antimicrobial spraying. Public facilities and lobbies are continually being disinfected including counters, public seating and door handles..."
Share: DART to operate on reduced service schedule
Cape Gazette - March 18, 2020
"For customers who ride the public transit service, all DART buses have and continue to be thoroughly disinfected with vital oxide antimicrobial spraying solution and we are thoroughly cleaning areas of frequent contact throughout the day and night to keep buses as clean as possible..."
Share: DART public transit services revise policies
Cape Gazette - March 16, 2020
"The Benzie Bus will still be operating, according to Bill Kennis, executive director, and will continue to provide medicine deliveries. "Our buses will be continuously sanitized and electrostatically sprayed daily with Vital Oxide," said Kennis. "We are in full crisis mode and doing our best to protect our riders and staff from exposure to COVID-19 yet, keep our community running..."
Benzie services still helping area residents in need
Laredo Morning Times - March 16, 2020
"Friday was a scheduled day off from school for the Neshannock Area School District, but that didn’t mean there wasn’t work being done. Back in the bus garage in the rear of the district’s campus, custodians were hard at work giving a deep clean to the school’s 21 buses and vans. It was all part of an effort to combat the spread of the coronavirus..."
Neshannock uses off day to deep clean buses, school
New Castle News - March 16, 2020
"With concerns about germ transmission at an all-time high and businesses increasingly concerned about public health, pest control leader Rollins, Inc. (NYSE: ROL), announced today that its subsidiary, Orkin, LLC, has a new service that will help businesses quickly and thoroughly suppress a wide variety of serious pathogens..."
Market Insider - March 06, 2020
"School districts in the ArkLaTex say they are keeping a close eye on the Coronavirus outbreak and taking steps to keep students and faculty safe. Currently, there are no reported cases of the coronavirus in the ArkLaTex. Seven people have died nationally due to the virus. KTAL NBC 6/KMSS Fox 33 reached out to several school districts in the region to ask what precautions, if any, are they taking in regards to the Coronavirus. Here are the responses from the school districts that responded to our question..."
ArkLaTex school districts keeping an eye on Coronavirus
ArkLaTex Homepage - March 03, 2020
Culpeper Star Exponent - February 29, 2020
"The Miami School District is using Vital Oxide, a powerful, EPA-registered disinfectant that erases 99.999% of germs in just seven minutes. Right now, there is only one sprayer in the school’s arsenal, but that’s going to change..."
Miami schools set to get more disinfectant foggers after flu cancels classes
KOAM News Now - January 30, 2020
"One of the common ways of preventing a C. diff infection is using hand sanitizer and following handwashing guidelines when in a hospital setting. But how efficient are hospital disinfectants against this stubborn superbug? A new study, appearing in the journal Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy, examines the efficiency of several disinfectants against C. diff and reaches concerning conclusions..."
No hospital disinfectants can kill off C. diff
Medical News Today - November 07, 2019
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