Spring 2023: U.S. Flood Outlook

What Areas of the U.S. Are Most At Risk for Major Floods? 

Heavy rainfall and snowfall during the winter season caused floods and property damage throughout affected areas of the west coast, particularly California. With spring now underway, the risk of flooding has increased in various parts of the United States, emphasizing the importance of preparedness and swift response from restoration and mold remediation experts. This blog post will examine the regions in the U.S. most vulnerable to flooding this season. 

According to the U.S. Spring Outlook by NOAA, various areas in the country are at high risk for moderate to major spring flooding. These include the East Coast, the Pacific Northwest, and regions along the Mississippi River. Other high-risk areas include low-lying coastal areas, areas near large rivers and lakes, and areas that are prone to heavy rainfall. 

To check whether you live in an area susceptible to flooding, you can use FEMA's interactive map of flood risks. Additionally, it's advisable to contact your local county or city officials to learn more about your specific area's risks.

Flood Cleanup and Mold Control 

As an expert in disaster response, restoration, or mold remediation, you’re well-versed in the importance of staying prepared for flood cleanup and mold control in high-risk areas. When there's a potential for flooding, you should make sure to have a well-constructed plan in place, including preparing an emergency kit, considering flood insurance, creating a strategy, and keeping track of local conditions and advisories.

You know the drill: Once the floodwaters have receded, the next step is to start the cleanup process as soon as possible. This is crucial to prevent potential mold growth from taking hold. To decrease humidity and excess moisture, use dehumidifiers, exhaust fans, and portable air conditioning units. In addition to these measures, using an EPA-registered mold inhibitor like Vital Oxide is imperative. This powerful product can destroy the roots of tough mold and restore your environment to a safer state. As long as it's used as directed and conditions causing moisture or water damage are removed, Vital Oxide is the only product you need for effective mold control.

Why is Vital Oxide Ideal for Flood Cleanup and Mold Control? 

Vital Oxide is an ideal product for mold control due to its powerful and effective formula. Unlike conventional mold removal products that contain harsh chemicals and produce harmful fumes or byproducts, Vital Oxide is an EPA-approved biocide that is non-corrosive to treated articles. 

Vital Oxide’s formula uses a unique oxidizing process to destroy the mold's roots and spores, effectively eradicating the problem at its source. And because it can be used on both hard, non-porous surfaces and porous materials like carpets and upholstery, restoration professionals can confidently use Vital Oxide in a wide variety of settings without the need for multiple products. 

Overall, Vital Oxide's powerful effectiveness, safety, and versatility make it the ideal choice for mold control in any situation. Vital Oxide also has a residual effect, preventing mold re-growth on building materials for up to seven months. Moreover, Vital Oxide destroys tough odors associated with sewer backup damage, making it an all-in-one solution for mold control and restoration. 

Final Thoughts 

Whether the cause of the water damage is natural or man-made, it's essential to take the necessary steps for flood cleanup and mold control to prevent costly damage and health risks. As a restoration or mold remediation professional, using Vital Oxide can help ensure a safe and effective cleanup process for your clients. For homeowners dealing with flood cleanup or household mold, Vital Oxide is a reliable solution for restoring your environment to a safer state. 

Have questions about using Vital Oxide as a part of your mold remediation or restoration business? We’d love to hear from you. CONTACT US TODAY.
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