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Vital Oxide: Revolutionizing Sanitization in Food Processing Facilities

When it comes to sanitization in food processing facilities, Vital Oxide leads the way with its revolutionary solution. Maintaining the highest quality standards is essential, given the constant risks of food contamination in preparation, handling, and processing areas. With Vital Oxide, plant managers and food service operators have found the ultimate solution for superior cleaning and sanitization.

Versatility is at the core of Vital Oxide's effectiveness. It delivers exceptional sanitization across various settings, from residential and commercial kitchens to federally-inspected meat and poultry processing facilities and food production lines. By simplifying operations with one powerful product, Vital Oxide sets a new standard in efficiency.

Experience the time-saving benefits of Vital Oxide's labor-saving formula. Its rapid action ensures swift and thorough sanitization, while its unique ability to neutralize odors sets it apart from the competition. No more need for multiple products—Vital Oxide covers all your sanitization needs.

In the pursuit of maintaining the highest quality standards in food processing facilities, choosing the right cleaning and sanitization product is crucial. With Vital Oxide, you have the ultimate solution—a versatile, revolutionary product that delivers exceptional sanitization results across a wide range of settings. Elevate your operations with Vital Oxide and prioritize the safety, quality, and integrity of your food products.

60 Seconds is All it Takes to Kill 99.999% of Bacteria   

Designated by NSF International as a “no rinse required” food-contact surface sanitizer, Vital Oxide is a versatile solution that can be used full-strength or diluted for multiple applications. Vital Oxide kills 99.999% of bacteria, including E. coli, Salmonella, and Listeria, in less than 60 seconds. 

Vital Oxide is ideal for use in Food Processing Plants

While traditional sanitizers tend to be highly corrosive, Vital Oxide stands apart. With its non-corrosive nature and a pH balance of 8-9, it provides optimal efficacy without compromising the integrity of surfaces. Moreover, it eliminates the need for rinsing, streamlining the sanitization process and saving valuable time and resources. 

By incorporating Vital Oxide into their cleaning protocols, food processing facilities can maintain the highest level of sanitation and food safety, protecting the integrity of food products and ensuring consumer well-being. Vital Oxide can be used on various surfaces, including food contact surfaces, food processing equipment, countertops, tables, appliances, floors, walls, storage areas, and more. 

Combat Tough Odors 

Vital Oxide's benefits extend beyond its exceptional sanitization capabilities. This labor-saving, no-rinse formula is also a heavy-duty odor eliminator. Say goodbye to the persistent odors that often plague food processing facilities as Vital Oxide neutralizes them at their source. No more masking with fragrances—Vital Oxide helps create an enjoyable work environment, enhancing the overall experience for employees.

Ready-to-Use Disinfectant Cleaner 

Vital Oxide is ready to use; no mixing required. Use Vital Oxide to disinfect food processing premises, including floors, walls, and storage areas. 

Vital Oxide VS Biofilms in the Food Industry 

Biofilms threaten food manufacturing industries, resisting routine sanitation procedures and posing significant health risks. Biofilms cause about 60% of foodborne illness outbreaks. Unlike ordinary sanitizers and disinfectants that only target surface-level bacteria, Vital Oxide's unique chemical structure allows it to penetrate and disrupt the protective cell walls of organisms within biofilms, inducing cell death. This is made possible by the oxidizer biocide, stabilized chlorine dioxide (ClO2), which remains effective in the presence of organic compounds and exhibits minimal reactivity with other compounds, providing exceptional selectivity and superior efficacy against biofilms. Vital Oxide effectively controls and eradicates biofilms, mitigating the risks associated with contamination and equipment degradation. 

Experience time-saving efficiency in residential and commercial kitchens and federally inspected food processing facilities with Vital Oxide. 


Some jobs will require 100% coverage of surfaces in an area. When this is the case, electrostatic is the best option. Vital Oxide is one of the few disinfectants that can be dispersed via an electrostatic device, as it is non-corrosive to treated surfaces and objects. Vital Oxide’s breakthrough technology includes components that dramatically decrease the size of its particles, increasing the active solution's ability to spread on and penetrate both hard and soft, porous surfaces. 

  • Cost-effective and time efficient when used with an electrostatic sprayer
  • Excellent performance and broad surface compatibility 
  • Efficient, comprehensive surface disinfection

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One Product, Eight Solutions.

Vital Oxide features a wide variety of applications including as: An Allergen/Odor Eliminator, Killing Mold + Mildew, and HVAC and Soft Surface Sanitizing. Vital Oxide, proven to kill a wide range of virues and bacteria, is EPA Registered as a Hospital Disinfectant and NSF Registered as a No-rinse required Food Surface Sanitizer.

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