How to Prevent Hepatitis B?

Hepatitis B is a viral infection that attacks the liver.  If left untreated or not monitored it can lead to cirrhosis of the liver or liver cancer.  Did you know that Vital Oxide kills hepatitis B?  Yes, it is true.  Your household disinfectant cleaner not only kills mold and bacteria, but also kills viruses like hepatitis B.  Not many people know this.  Which is why in today’s blog, I want to review how Vital Oxide can keep your children safe from contracting hepatitis B.

Hepatitis B virus is spread like most viruses through sharing of bodily fluids and blood.  However unlike other viruses, the hepatitis B virus can live up to 7 days outside the host body.  This means that if an infected classmate were to stick chewing gum under cafeteria table and your child were to accidentally touch this gum and then proceed to lick food from fingers shortly thereafter, your child would now be at high risk of contracting hepatitis B.  Hepatitis B can also enter body through bites, cuts, and sores.  With children, viruses like hepatitis B can spread rapidly.  This is why Vital Oxide is an important fighting tool against the virus.  Cleaning and disinfecting all counter-tops, toys and clothing with Vital Oxide spray will help destroy any lingering virus.  This product can be used at school or in the home. 

Six hundred thousand people die from consequences of hepatitis B every year.  Parents who wish to prevent their children from hepatitis B infections can also have their children vaccinated.  The hepatitis B vaccination was first introduced in 1982 and according to the World Health Organization is 95% effective in preventing the hepatitis B infection.  For those whose children are not vaccinated or for the 5% of children that are still at risk even after having the vaccination, Vital Oxide can be used in the home to limit the risk of exposure. 



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