Tips for Deodorizing Your Gym and Fitness Equipment

Is there anything worse than walking into the gym for an early morning workout and immediately getting hit with the notoriously offensive gym stench? Whether you own a home gym or full-scale fitness center, you know that keeping the place clean and smelling pleasant is as essential as maintaining the equipment. This is especially true for fitness establishments that rely on memberships. After all, the fitness business is incredibly competitive––and there’s nothing that will get your patrons looking for a new workout spot faster than having to work out in an atmosphere of foul odors. 

Since people tend to leave the gym smelling worse than when they entered, it’s not shocking that gyms and fitness centers can sometimes struggle with odor control. However, rather than making the environment less appealing (and degrading the indoor air quality), don’t waste your money on harsh fragranced products that will only temporarily mask odors by covering them up with another scent. Instead, use the tips below to eliminate offensive gym odors for good. 

Why Do Gyms Smell So Bad? 

Most of the foul odors in gyms and fitness centers are caused by the same thing that makes you smell less-than-wonderful after an intense workout: sweat. More specifically, these pungent odors are caused by the combination of sweat and bacteria. When certain bacteria break down human sweat droplets, they form pungent byproducts called thioalcohols, which have scents comparable to sulfur, onions, or meat. And in gym environments, where fitness equipment and machines often become coated in sweat (and germs), bacteria have plenty of opportunities to funk the place up. So if you're wondering just how to make your fitness center smell better, you'll need to eliminate the lingering bacteria that are causing the issue through routine cleaning and disinfection. 

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Maintain a Cleaning and Disinfecting Routine with Vital Oxide 

To eliminate and prevent off-putting odors, it’s important to routinely clean and disinfect key areas around the gym. For gym owners and managers, consider maintaining a checklist of cleaning duties to ensure that no task goes forgotten and check that the routine is being followed with care and attention to detail. Be sure to include a detailed list of equipment that should be cleaned and how often. 

But before creating your new odor-busting routine, it’s essential to understand the difference between cleaning and disinfecting. In short, cleaning removes dirt and leaves things looking shiny and clean. On the other hand, disinfecting kills germs (including odor-causing bacteria).

For a product to be labeled and sold as a disinfectant, it must be registered with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and proven to kill bacteria and viruses––such as Vital Oxide. Vital Oxide is an all-in-one multi-purpose cleaner, EPA-registered disinfectant, and heavy-duty odor eliminator. 

Vital Oxide is the ideal solution for gyms, fitness facilities, health clubs, yoga and pilates studios, and more. It is free from harsh chemicals, noxious fumes, and harmful residues. Vital Oxide is also non-corrosive to treated surfaces, making it ideal for use on fitness equipment. Vital Oxide can be used on both hard and soft surfaces for cleaning and odor elimination. While Vital Oxide can be diluted for specific uses, it must be used full-strength for disinfection and odor elimination.  

Disinfect Gym Surfaces with Vital Oxide 

To disinfect effectively, the disinfectant product needs to come into contact with 100% of the surface. Prior to disinfection, always remember to clean the surface of any debris or residue, then spray it thoroughly with the disinfectant and let it sit for the required contact found on the product’s label. A common mistake many people make is spraying a surface with a disinfectant and then wiping it immediately afterward. However, letting the product sit for the required contact time is critical. 

Under lightly soiled conditions, Vital Oxide can be used to pre-clean surfaces before disinfecting. Clean and disinfect in two easy steps: First, spray and wipe Vital Oxide to clean, then spray and leave behind to disinfect. Just make sure you apply enough solution to remain wet for the proper contact time. In cases where more frequent disinfection of surfaces results in the possible buildup of dry disinfectant residue, a wipe down with a moist towel or microfiber cloth of surfaces that come into contact with clothing (chairs, fitness equipment seats, floor mats, yoga mats, etc.) will prevent any possible discoloration of fabrics.

At Vital Oxide, we’re proud to offer our revolutionary disinfectant that is powerful enough to kill 99.9% of viruses and bacteria without harsh chemicals. Learn more about the science behind our product, as well as tons of great tips on cleaning, disinfecting, and more. If you have any questions, please Contact Us or Send Us a Message on Facebook. We’re here to help.
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