How to Speed Clean Your House During the Holidays

The holiday season is my absolute favorite time to spend time at home. There is just something so magical about the twinkling Christmas tree lights, sparkly decorations, and festive Christmas music playing in the background. I admit that I get caught up in the hustle and bustle of the season, wanting the holidays to be perfect and beautiful in every way. If you’re anything like me, you find yourself vowing to make this holiday season simpler, more organized, and less stressful. You know what really puts a damper on my holly jolly Christmas spirit? A messy house. If, like me, you have small children and pets in your home, you know the struggle of keeping things neat and tidy. But luckily, I’ve learned that keeping the clean doesn’t need to add to holiday stress. Whether you’re celebrating Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Los Posadas, Diwali, or ringing in the New Year, I’ve got you covered with tips and tricks to speed clean your house during the holidays. For reference, I live in a 1,300 square foot two bedroom, two bathroom home, and I’ve gotten my holiday speed cleaning routine down to 45 minutes! With this article and a bit of preparation, you too will be able to get your house holiday ready in 45 minutes or less. Are you ready to spruce up your cleaning routine?


There are a couple of things that you can do before the holidays so you’re ready for the big holiday rush. This includes deep cleaning your house before the holiday season begins (Think spring cleaning: Fall Edition. I usually do this the weekend before Thanksgiving), and putting together a well-stocked cleaning caddy. Having things ready to grab and go is part of the secret to a 45-minute cleaning routine. Here’s what’s in my cleaning caddy:

  • Paper towels
  • Scrub brush
  • Feather duster
  • Microfiber cloth
  • Sticky lint roller
  • 32 oz bottle of Vital Oxide

Having these items ready to go in a caddy makes it easy to carry from room to room. In my cleaning routine, I also use a cordless stick vacuum, but a broom and dustpan will get the job done as well! Now that you’re prepared, let’s begin!  

Step 1: Set a timer for 45 minutes

Or, do what I do and pick a holiday album (or playlist) that you know and love! Once you start cleaning, it’s easy to lose focus and slow down. Listening to music helps me set a good cleaning pace. An average 12-14 song album is usually around 45 minutes long. Once you’re ready, grab your cleaning caddy and vacuum or broom.

Step 2: Clean the kitchen (15 minutes)

  • Open a window in the kitchen to help circulate the air.
  • Put away any unnecessary tools or appliances that are cluttering up the countertop.
  • Put dirty dishes in the dishwasher, and clear any dishes off the drying rack.
  • Spray Vital Oxide on the countertops, kitchen sink, faucet, refrigerator handle, and other high-touch areas to clean and disinfect. Use a scrub brush to remove grime and wipe clean with paper towels.
  • Vacuum the floor, especially the perimeter of the room and around the cabinet bases where crumbs tend to land.
  • Hang fresh dish towels and toss the dirty ones in the laundry room.
  • Have pets? Wash pet bowls with hot soapy water, and use a wet paper towel to spot clean the floor area around them. Spray the area with Vital Oxide and let air dry before putting the bowls back.
  • Take out the garbage and recycling. Spray the bottom of the cans with Vital Oxide to disinfect and remove any lingering odors before you insert new liners.
  • S. Don’t forget to close the window.

Step 3: Clean the Bathrooms (10 minutes / 5 minutes each)

  • Open a window and turn on the vent to help air circulate.
  • Pick up any dirty clothes and put them in the laundry room.
  • Clear the countertops and shelves of any excess toiletries, cosmetics, hair brushes, etc, and put them away in a drawer or under the sink.
  • Have kids? Pick up any loose bathtub toys and put them away in a toy tub caddy or under the sink.
  • Spray the entire toilet down with Vital Oxide, including the seat, lid, and inside of the bowl. Let sit for a minute while you clean the sink and mirror.
  • Spray mirror with Vital Oxide and wipe clean with paper towels. Not only will your mirror shine, it will be germ-free! It’s a win-win!
  • Disinfect sink, faucet, stopper, and the countertop with Vital Oxide. Use paper towels to wipe down the countertop first, and then polish the sink and faucet.
  • Scrub the inside of the toilet bowl with a toilet brush and flush. Wipe the seat and the rest of the toilet dry with paper towels. Congratulations! Your porcelain throne is now free from germs and bacteria!
  • Vacuum the bathroom rug and floor. Be sure to vacuum under the rug as well.
  • Run your sticky lint roller over the shower curtain and close it. If you have a glass shower door, spray it down with Vital Oxide and wipe clean with paper towels.
  • Put out new clean folded bath towels and hang up fresh hand towels.
  • Take out the trash, and spray Vital Oxide into the empty bin before adding a new liner.

Step 4: Clean the Living Room (10 minutes)

  • Do a walk around the room and put away any clutter.
  • Stack books and magazines neatly in a basket or on a table.
  • Use your microfiber cloth to dust any horizontal surfaces, as well as the coffee table, end tables, and TV. Use your feather duster for the lamps, framed photos, and any decorations.
  • Did you know that TV remotes are major germ hubs? We won’t go into too much detail now, but go ahead and grab all the remotes, spray them lightly with Vital Oxide to kill any germs, and then wipe them with a cloth or paper towel. Then organize the remotes in a single spot, either in a drawer or neatly on the TV cabinet.
  • Fold any throw blankets and straighten cushions and pillows.
  • If you have any furry four-legged companions, run a sticky lint roller over furniture to collect any fur.
  • Vacuum the living room floors, especially if you have rugs or carpet. Fresh vacuum markets always make a room look well-maintained. After vacuuming, spray rugs lightly with Vital Oxide to disinfect and to freshen up. Simply let air dry. As well as being a powerhouse germ eliminator, Vital Oxide removes bad odors from any surface, including soft surfaces, all while being safe to use around kids and pets.

Step 5: Clean the Bedrooms (10 minutes / 5 minutes each)

  • Pick up any dirty laundry and put into a hamper.
  • Make the beds and arrange the pillows neatly.
  • Pick up any books or magazines and stack them neatly.
  • Use your microfiber cloth to dust any bedside tables or dressers. Also be sure to close all dresser drawers, making sure there’s no little pieces of sock or t-shirt hanging out.
  • Have kids? Pick up toys and toss them into a toy box or basket. We use a laundry hamper for my daughter’s toys. It makes cleaning up toy clutter a breeze.
  • Vacuum each bedroom and spray any carpeting or rugs lightly with Vital Oxide and let air dry. 

Final Thoughts

That’s it! You’ve done it. Your home is now clutter-free, disinfected, and totally freshened up – all in 45 minutes or less! Now it’s time to sit back with a glass of spiked eggnog and relax. Best wishes for happy holidays and a wonderful New Year from all of us at Vital Oxide!


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