Why We Should Avoid Antibiotic Meat?

antibiotic meatAs highlighted in a previous post “Supermarket Meat Triggers Superbugs”, most meat sold in supermarkets is injected with antibiotics and other hormones. Farmers inject their livestock like chickens, cows, and pigs with antibiotics and hormones to fatten them up before selling to the butchers. Farmers get paid more by butchers for more meat which is why the animals are injected with the antibiotics in the first place. However, this poses a serious health threat to Americans whom consume this meat.

Antibiotic meat that is consumed by humans, passes these same antibiotics onto humans. Antibiotics should never be taken when there is no bacterial infection present. Continue reading

Norwalk Virus Linked to Langley Gymnastic Facility

gym photoIn Langley, BC the Langley Gymnastics Facility was temporarily closed at the end of February after an outbreak of Norwalk virus attacked patrons of the facility.  Within a relatively short period of time an overwhelming amount of gastroenteritis cases surfaced.  The common link between all those who fell ill with the Norwalk virus was the gym.  Every victim had visited the gym within 48 hours before reportedly becoming sick.

The Norwalk virus is a virus that effects the stomach.  Those who contract Norwalk will experience painful stomach cramps, vomiting, and diarrhea along with fevers.  The symptoms typically last between 24 hours to 48 hours before residing.  The virus is extremely contagious.  It is spread from feces and vomit of an infected person.  Infected persons who do not properly wash their hands after using the lavatories can expose large groups of other people to the virus.  Continue reading