How Do I Apply Vital Oxide to Remove Dirty Tile Grout?

pic1 Removing the grime build up on grout between floor tiles is a tedious and labor intensive chore.  It requires being on your knees for hours at end and loads of elbow grease.  Years ago I was frustrated with the results of my hard labor.  I spent hours scrubbing with a brush the grout lines only to see marginal efforts of progress.  No matter how much I scrubbed, the tile grout never truly looked sparkling clean like it did when first laid down.  My results got me half clean tile grout, a busted back and bruised knees.  Have you run into this problem as well?

Vital Oxide is a great dirt grout remover. The problem is not that many people know the proper methods to apply Vital Oxide to remove dirty grout.  Continue reading

Chinese Horseshoe Bats Linked with SARS Virus

batIn Kumming, China an international research team recently found evidence that suggests the SARS virus originated from Chinese Horseshoe bats.  The team discovered a novel coronaviruse in the bats that closely matched the SARS-CoV found in humans.

It has long been speculated that bats are carriers for the SARS virus, but until now was just a hypothesis.  When the SARS virus epidemic happened ten years ago in China, the Chinese blamed the civets as the source of the disease and ordered the civets killed.  Now it looks as though the bats could have been the true source for the epidemic that killed over 750 people in 2003 and not the poor civets. Continue reading

Do Cats Carry MRSA?

catWe have heard of cats carrying fleas into our homes, but there is now evidence that suggests they can carry Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA)  as well. Cat owners in the UK and United States are mysteriously developing MRSA without ever stepping foot into the hospital.  At first pet owners were baffled as to how they acquired MRSA, but after noticing their cats were also experiencing skin infections decided to have the cats tested too.  It was there that they discovered the cats had MRSA.

MRSA is a bacterial infection that is highly resistant to antibiotics.  Without many options to treat the bacterial infection, MRSA can become life threatening.  Continue reading