Is the Rise in Autism Related to Antibiotic Use and Environmental Factors?

On November 21, 2012, Kelly Preston spoke candidly about her late son’s autism on the television show The Doctors.  “Jett was autistic,” Preston says. “He had seizures when he was very young; he had Kawasaki syndrome. I strongly believe as a mother, as does my husband, that there are certain contributing factors that lead to autism and some of it is very much the chemicals in our environment and in our food.”  Kelly went further on to say that she believes her use of antibiotics while breastfeeding Jett triggered his autism.

Kelly may be correct in her thinking.  The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports findings that suggest there is indeed a correlation between the mother’s intake of antibiotics during pregnancy and with the child’s development of autism.   According to their site, children whose mothers reported using antibiotics during pregnancy had a higher increased risk for having Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) than compared to children whose mothers used no antibiotics. Continue reading

The DOT Applicator Carpet Study – How Clean is Your Carpet?

How clean is your carpet?  Do you think your carpet would pass the clean carpet inspection?  Hmm…my Magic 8 ball says “outlook not so good”.  Just because you vacuum weekly does not mean your carpet is necessarily clean.  Research reveals our carpets are not as clean as we initially thought.  Busy, colorful patterns on carpet designs have a way of distracting our eyes from what is really lurking within the fibers.  Would you be surprised to learn that upon closer inspection of your carpet, it revealed an invasion of dust mites, bacteria, and even insects?  It is rather alarming to think about, but according to a study released by The University of South Florida College of Medicine, Division of Allergy and Immunology, is quite common to find dust mites in our carpets. Continue reading

How Clean is that Lemon Wedge Floating in Your Drink?

When dining out, do you like your water to be served with lemon? Ice water served with a squirt of lemon juice is a wonderfully refreshing beverage to drink on a hot summer day.  Lemons add just the right amount of zest to quench our thirst.  They also add food poisoning bacteria like staph to our water.  Come again?  How do lemons add bacteria to our drinks? Continue reading