Supermarket Meat Triggers Superbugs

Today I played the Environmental Work Group’s “How Much Do You Know About the Meat You Eat” quiz.  I scored rather pathetic.  In fact, I failed the quiz.  My score read “Disappointing! You scored 40%.” Apparently, I do not know the meat I eat but I did know one thing.

I know farmers injected antibiotics in livestock, which later ended up in the meat aisles of the supermarket.  As I touched upon in an earlier article, farmers are playing doctor with the food we consume.  They are injecting antibiotics into chickens, pigs, cows, and lambs.  All of these animals are raised to be slaughtered for our food consumption.  This means the meat we eat, is filled with antibiotics our own bodies do not need.  There may be people thinking well antibiotics are good in warding off bacteria diseases, so if we consume more antibiotics inadvertently from eating the meat , are we not just helping our bodies against future bacteria invasions?  Continue reading

Say No to GMO. People Have a Right Know!

Over the Memorial Day weekend, peaceful protesters lined the streets of downtown West Palm Beach to rally together in the March against Monsanto.  West Palm Beach was just one of 250 cities worldwide to participate in this march against the politically well connected Monsanto Corporation.

Monsanto is a Missouri headquartered company that makes and sells genetically modified organism (GMO) seeds all around the world. What is a genetically modified organism? The name says it all, it’s a organism that has been altered genetically usually to be enhanced.  Currently U.S. farmers grow Monsanto’s soybean, corn, canola and cotton seeds.  The protesters of March against Monsanto want the government to enforce all GM foods to be labeled.  They demand that we, the people, have a right to know what is being put in our food.  The question being raised is “are GM foods safe to eat?” Continue reading

John Snow: The Father of Modern Epidemiology

“When it is not in our power to determine what is true, we ought to follow what is most probable.”
― René Descartes

john-snowThe advice of Rene Descartes was not lost on Doctor John Snow.  Dr. John Snow was a physician that is highly accredited with solving the mystery on how the epidemic of cholera is spread.  Cholera is a bacteria infectious disease spread through contaminated water and food.   It causes an infection in the small intestine leading to severe diarrhea and vomiting.  Massive dehydration from the diarrhea and vomiting is the main reason so many die from cholera.

Up until the 1850’s, most people believed that cholera was spread from miasma in the air.  Dr. John Snow believed differently.  Continue reading