Why Are Elderly More Prone to Infections?

Debbie, daughter of two parents from the silent generation, informed me she is worried about her parents failing health.  Her parents swallow more pills than they do food these days.  Debbie has her hands full with just keeping her parents as healthy as possible.  The latest problem is her father keeps getting bacteria infections. His immune system is unable to fight off the invasions like it used to.

It is inevitable.  One day we all most get old.  Debbie’s situation is not unique.  Everywhere I turn I hear more stories about the ailments of co-workers’ parents that with each passing day bring more medical troubles.  Infections seem to strike especially hard with the older generations.  Continue reading

Hospitals Take Precautions Against Hospital Acquired Infections

If asked to define what a hospital does, how would you describe it?  Would you say it is a place to heal people?  According to the online dictionaries a hospital is an institution that provides medical treatment and nursing care for the sick or injured people.  It does not say anywhere in this definition, hospitals are a place where people die from exposure to germ infections or warning those who enter may risk getting a hospital acquired infection.  Yet, maybe they should. Continue reading

Did You Just Double Dip That Chip?

What Seinfeld fan can ever forget the episode when George Constanza traitorously double dips into the communal dip bowl at the funeral parlor?  The episode is a classic.  George gets caught red handed double dipping by Timmy.

TIMMY: You dipped the chip. You took a bite. And you dipped again.
TIMMY: That’s like putting your whole mouth right in the dip! From now on, when you take a chip – just take one dip and end it!

We hear you Timmy, loud and clear.  Americans know in our culture it is just not socially acceptable to double dip.  It is disgusting, plain and simple.  According to a study published by Clemson University in South Carolina, dips that had double dipping action going on inherited an extra 100,000 bacteria. Can we say, yummy?  Continue reading