India’s Superbug Killing Thousands of Newborn Babies

baabyIn the last year, 58,000 newborn babies died of bacterial infections in India. Infants that acquire bacterial infections like pneumonia and tuberculosis are treated with antibiotics in India, but these antibiotics are no longer working. Indian pediatricians are scrambling to find ways to keep their neonatal patients alive. Why are the antibiotics no longer working?

For years the health sector has warned India of the implications their unsanitary conditions would have on their citizens. For these reasons bacterial infections spread rapidly throughout the country. Continue reading

How to Prevent Superbugs

Since 1942 when penicillin was introduced as the first mass produced manufactured antibiotic, Americans have relied heavily on antibiotics to cure bacterial diseases. Bacterial diseases that were once death killers like typhoid fever, tuberculosis, and the black plague are no longer a major threat. Antibiotics were administered to the masses and the diseases went into hiding. There are no doubt Americans love their antibiotics and that is because antibiotics do work. But antibiotics are only meant to cure bacterial diseases. They should not be used for treating the common cold or other viruses. Were you aware of this? According to survey results shared by CBS News, more than one third of a survey panel consisting of 1000 people falsely believed that antibiotics effectively worked on the common cold. Continue reading