Why Haven’t Pharmaceutical Companies Kept Up With Antibiotic Research and Development?

antibioticsThe Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report at least two million United States citizens are infected with bacteria that are resistant to antibiotic treatment each year. Out of these two million people, 23,000 end up dying. With so many deaths reported, why have the pharmaceutic companies declined or in some cases completely stopped their development of antibiotics? There is obviously a need and demand for stronger antibiotics. Why then have only a handful of antibiotics been released to the public in the last four years? Continue reading

Is Vancomycin Our Only Chance to Fight Against MRSA?

pillsThe overuse of antibiotics in our society has caused a huge problem for us. Germs are figuring out a way to mutate and build up resistance to our antibiotics. Children with simple minor scrapes and cuts are no longer able to heal their bodies naturally against staph infections. Doctors are seeing more and more cases of perfectly healthy children and adults alike being rushed into the hospitals from life threatening methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) infections. Penicillin antibiotics once prescribed by doctors to cure staph infections are increasingly not working on their patients. The only drug to seem to work against MRSA is Vancomycin, the medical world’s last resort solution.

What will happen when the germs figure a way out to resistant Vancomycin? Will we be in danger? Continue reading

Do Cats Carry MRSA?

catWe have heard of cats carrying fleas into our homes, but there is now evidence that suggests they can carry Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA)  as well. Cat owners in the UK and United States are mysteriously developing MRSA without ever stepping foot into the hospital.  At first pet owners were baffled as to how they acquired MRSA, but after noticing their cats were also experiencing skin infections decided to have the cats tested too.  It was there that they discovered the cats had MRSA.

MRSA is a bacterial infection that is highly resistant to antibiotics.  Without many options to treat the bacterial infection, MRSA can become life threatening.  Continue reading

Oh No! Not Pink Eye!

Did you know there are three different types of pink eye?  You can contract pink eye from a bacterial infection, viral infection, and through an allergic reaction.  Lucky me, I experienced first hand all three forms of pink eye.  Through my encounters I have learned the following wisdom.  Never, I repeat never borrow mascara from a friend suffering hay fever allergies.  Never touch your eye directly after playing quiz games on the grimy video machine at the local bar and under no circumstances should you ever leave your house without eye drops.

Pink eye is defined by the WebMD as redness and swelling of the conjunctiva, the mucous membrane that lines the eyelid and eye surface. In layman terms, pink eye symptoms when your eye swells up like someone punched you in the face and colored your eye ball bright red.  Some even get to experience their eye oozing mucous which causes temporary impaired vision and crusts the eyelid shut.  Yes, contracting pink eye is a very unpleasant experience. Continue reading