Lyme Disease Existed Over 15 Million Years Ago

amberAre you aware Lyme Disease has been around for over 15 million years?  Lyme Disease may have received its’ name in the 1970’s but was around much longer than a mere 40 years.  Scientists recently uncovered a piece of amber which contained a 15 million year old tick trapped inside.  The perfectly preserved tick examined by researcher George Poinar, Jr. from the Oregon State University, found the bacteria Borrelia burgdorfer inside the tick.  This is the same present day bacteria that causes Lyme Disease.  If the bacteria was present in a tick from over 15 million years ago, does that mean ticks have been infecting humans since the beginning of our existence? Were cavemen also infected with Lyme Disease?

Well, there is evidence that suggests Lyme Disease has plagued humans for thousands of years.  In 1991, hikers unearthed a partially frozen mummified neolithic man nicknamed by the press as Otzi.  Otzi is thought to have lived over 5,300 year ago and guess what?  Scientists discovered our friend Otzi had Lyme Disease. Continue reading