Lyme Disease Existed Over 15 Million Years Ago

amberAre you aware Lyme Disease has been around for over 15 million years?  Lyme Disease may have received its’ name in the 1970’s but was around much longer than a mere 40 years.  Scientists recently uncovered a piece of amber which contained a 15 million year old tick trapped inside.  The perfectly preserved tick examined by researcher George Poinar, Jr. from the Oregon State University, found the bacteria Borrelia burgdorfer inside the tick.  This is the same present day bacteria that causes Lyme Disease.  If the bacteria was present in a tick from over 15 million years ago, does that mean ticks have been infecting humans since the beginning of our existence? Were cavemen also infected with Lyme Disease?

Well, there is evidence that suggests Lyme Disease has plagued humans for thousands of years.  In 1991, hikers unearthed a partially frozen mummified neolithic man nicknamed by the press as Otzi.  Otzi is thought to have lived over 5,300 year ago and guess what?  Scientists discovered our friend Otzi had Lyme Disease. Continue reading

Oh No! Not Pink Eye!

Did you know there are three different types of pink eye?  You can contract pink eye from a bacterial infection, viral infection, and through an allergic reaction.  Lucky me, I experienced first hand all three forms of pink eye.  Through my encounters I have learned the following wisdom.  Never, I repeat never borrow mascara from a friend suffering hay fever allergies.  Never touch your eye directly after playing quiz games on the grimy video machine at the local bar and under no circumstances should you ever leave your house without eye drops.

Pink eye is defined by the WebMD as redness and swelling of the conjunctiva, the mucous membrane that lines the eyelid and eye surface. In layman terms, pink eye symptoms when your eye swells up like someone punched you in the face and colored your eye ball bright red.  Some even get to experience their eye oozing mucous which causes temporary impaired vision and crusts the eyelid shut.  Yes, contracting pink eye is a very unpleasant experience. Continue reading

Farmers Use of Hormones and Antibiotics on Cattle Threatens Americans Health

Since as early as the 1930’s farmers have injected cattle with hormones.  Hormones were discovered to fatten cattle up, yielding more meat.  They also found that while the hormones were increasing muscle build up in cattle, it at the same time decreased the cattle’s appetite.  According to animal scientist Michael J. Fields of the University of Florida in Gainesville, farmers on average save about $40 per cattle head, because with each pound gained the cow consumes 15 percent less feed.  Plus by using the steroid hormones, their cattle’s meat increased by 20%, giving them significant more profit when cows were sold to the slaughter houses.

It is true that steroids make cattle bulk up, but these steroid hormones are also in the meat Americans consume.  What harm is there to eating hormone induced meat to our health?  Continue reading

How to Prevent Infections While Undergoing Chemotherapy

A few years back, a co-worker informed me that her daughter is a cancer survivor.  When her daughter was just two years of age, they diagnosed her with cancer.  The doctors did not think she was going to survive, but against all odds her daughter has proven that miracles do happen.  Her daughter is now 20 years old and still cancer-free. Continue reading