Are College Students Getting Herpes from Playing Beer Pong?

beer pongDid you mysteriously get a cold sore for the first time in your late 20’s or 30’s? Ever wonder how you picked up the mouth herpes without kissing a person who had one? It could be you contradicted the herpes virus years earlier while playing a friendly game of beer pong with your college pals. According to a recent Fox News Mobile segment, doctors warned college Spring Breakers about the hazards playing beer pong could have on their health.

Their guest speaker, Dr. Peterson, advised playing beer pong made it more likely to fall sick to the flu, mono, and the herpes virus. The way the game is played promotes the spread of germs. Why is this the case?

The goal behind beer pong is to try to get a ping pong ball into your opponent’s solo cups that are filled partially with beer. If the ball successfully lands within a cup, the owner of the cup has to drink the beer within the cup and remove it from the table. The person who has successfully landed the ball into all his opponent’s cups wins. The problem is that it takes may tries before landing the ball into the cups. As Dr. Peterson pointed out more often than not the ping pong ball ends up bouncing on the filthy floor before future attempts are made. This ball is literally covered in hundreds of germs.

As soon as that ball lands in the beer filled cup, the germs are displaced within the beer that in turn is consumed by the college student. Beer pong helps spread viruses and bacteria quickly. Besides the filthy floor this ball is coming into contact with drunk people’s hands. Let’s be honest, how many of you forget to wash your hands after going to the bathroom once you have consumed a few drinks?

The ping pong ball is cross contaminating everyone. But the ping pong ball is not the only source of contamination. The solo cups can be as well. These cups are reused throughout the evening. What if you played a game right after another guy finished who had a cold sore. If you weren’t paying attention, you could be drinking from the same cups the herpes guy had used.

See how it is quite easy to spread germs playing beer pong? Unfortunately, beer pong and other social drinking games make it easy to pass germs from one college student to the next. The good doctor did recommend to try rinsing the ball off before each throw and to not recycle cups. Parents would advise not to play at all, but sorry parents that is not going to happen. As long as there are college students the game will live on and so will the spread of cold sores.

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