5 Germ Covered Objects People Dread To Touch

Do you carry in your car a small bottle of hand sanitizer? With all the germs we come in contact throughout our day, it makes sense for people to want to carry hand sanitizer. Stop and think about the objects we all can’t avoid touching but that we know are oozing with hundreds if not thousands of germs. It is such an unpleasant experience to know your hands are dirty but not be able to clean them. Below are the list of 5 objects that are covered in germs that people hate touching. Continue reading

New Inventions Help Reduce Cross Contamination of Bacteria and Viruses

hand signThe Occupational Safety and Heath Administration requires restaurants and hospitals to post visual signs for their employees reminding them all to wash their hands before returning to work. You have probably seen these signs in restrooms and in kitchens stating the message “ALL EMPLOYEES MUST WASH HANDS BEFORE RETURNING BACK TO WORK ”. It should be common sense to sanitize hands regularly when preparing food for customers or before visiting sick patients, right?


It should be, but unfortunately not all people inherit the common sense gene. As a result of their gross habits, millions of people a year get sick from cross contamination bacteria. How can we get these people to be responsible and sanitize their hands? Companies like Procter & Gamble and Agency of Design have come up with innovative products to do just that. Continue reading