Vital Oxide Now Offered in Bags on Valve Cans

PrintVital Oxide is now available in bags on valve cans.  We are very excited about the new bags on valve cans (BoV).  Yes, it may seem strange for people to jump up and down with excitement over a spray can design, but after I explain the advantage of the BoV can compared to its predecessors you will understand our excitement.

Until recently, manufacturers relied on aerosol cans and manual pumps to transport their products like hair spray, disinfectant cleaners, and paint into consumers’ homes.  The aerosol can design requires a gas or liquid propellant to be added to the product formula.  The propellant acts as a driving force to thrust the product out of the can once the valve is opened.  Whereas, the manual pump design uses no propellant but requires manual labor to push the product out and is not able to spray at an angle.

In the earlier days manufacturers used gas propellants called chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) that left a heavy carbon footprint on our environment.  The Montreal Protocol of 1989 banned these aerosol propellants from most products to protect our ozone layer, at which time other gases such as propane, n-butane, and isobutene were introduced as propellants. Continue reading

What Causes a Mold Problem to Occur in the Bathroom?

bathroom moldWhile taking a hot shower, have you ever spied suspicious black spots on your ceiling?  Uh oh! You have discovered mold.  Bathrooms are the perfect breathing grounds for mold spores.  Mold spores grow and collect in humid, damp dark spaces.  Think about it.  Your bathroom is a tiny enclosed space where hot water evaporates into steamy condensation creating instant humidity.  Prior to the 1970’s, older bathrooms were designed with tiny windows and no fans.  The ventilation in these bathrooms was minimal at best.  Does your bathroom have a window or a fan?

If not, the source of your mold problem is most likely poor ventilation.  Finding a mold problem in the bathroom is quite a common discovery for homeowners to experience while maintaining their homes.  Often times the mold is discovered behind bathroom walls and floors upon a bathroom remodeling project.  According to, they recommend the average homeowner save an extra 10 to 15 percent in reserve for their bathroom remodel in case of hidden water damage.  Leaky shower pans and running toilets are sources for hidden water damage and mold outbreaks.  Continue reading