What is the Difference between 99% and 99.999% Effective on a Product Label?

photo (7)Vital Oxide advertises directly on its bottle “99.999% sanitization of food contact surfaces”.  What exactly does that 99.999% numerical value represent?  Contrary to popular belief, the number advertised on product labels are not mere marketing ploys to entice shoppers to buy the product.  This value actually informs the consumer about the product’s level of effectiveness.  Unfortunately, many consumers do not fully understand the numerical percentage on the label.  To understand the percentage value, one must first understand logarithms.

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5 Harmful Side Effects Caused From Exposure to Toxic Chemicals

Our environment is full of harmful toxins.  As the population grows so does our consumption of products that emit toxins into the air we breathe. We inadvertently breathe in many harmful toxins daily from gas fumes, pesticides, cleaning agents, and even perfumes.  Whether we like it or not we are exposed and the problem is only getting worse with each passing day.

We know that long term exposure to toxins increases our risk for health complications, but what exactly are the health risks associated with inhaling toxic chemicals?  Below are a list of five health complications stemming from over exposure to toxic chemicals. Continue reading