Farmers Use of Hormones and Antibiotics on Cattle Threatens Americans Health

Since as early as the 1930’s farmers have injected cattle with hormones.  Hormones were discovered to fatten cattle up, yielding more meat.  They also found that while the hormones were increasing muscle build up in cattle, it at the same time decreased the cattle’s appetite.  According to animal scientist Michael J. Fields of the University of Florida in Gainesville, farmers on average save about $40 per cattle head, because with each pound gained the cow consumes 15 percent less feed.  Plus by using the steroid hormones, their cattle’s meat increased by 20%, giving them significant more profit when cows were sold to the slaughter houses.

It is true that steroids make cattle bulk up, but these steroid hormones are also in the meat Americans consume.  What harm is there to eating hormone induced meat to our health?  Continue reading

Smart Phones Used By ONR to Track Epidemics

The US Navy is now using Smart Phones to track bacterial epidemics on board their ships and in other countries.  The Office of Naval Research funded Precise At-Sea Ship System for Indoor-Outdoor Navigation system (PASSION) back in 2011 to handle their wireless technology on board ships.  PASSION uses internal and external surveillance wireless technology that is compatible with Smartphone devices.  Their technology is loaded onto the Smartphone using a Smartphone app.  The technology allows for officers to track all sailors and activity onboard ships in real time by way of text and email messaging.   John Kim, ONR program officer for navigation and timekeeping stated “We can get a map from a ship’s logistics office and then build the map on the smartphone on the fly without human interaction”.

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Does Hygiene Habits Determine Life Expectancy?

Human hygiene habits have come a long way in relatively a short period of time.  Less than hundred years ago, the majority of Americans were living in homes without indoor plumbing. Can you imagine having to use an outhouse as your bathroom?  What if you had to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night? If a person needed to relieve themselves during the middle of the night, they would need to trek outside possibly on a very cold winter night carrying only a gas lantern to light their way to a rather disgusting germ infested place.

We take our bathrooms for granted. Continue reading

How to Prevent Superbugs

Since 1942 when penicillin was introduced as the first mass produced manufactured antibiotic, Americans have relied heavily on antibiotics to cure bacterial diseases. Bacterial diseases that were once death killers like typhoid fever, tuberculosis, and the black plague are no longer a major threat. Antibiotics were administered to the masses and the diseases went into hiding. There are no doubt Americans love their antibiotics and that is because antibiotics do work. But antibiotics are only meant to cure bacterial diseases. They should not be used for treating the common cold or other viruses. Were you aware of this? According to survey results shared by CBS News, more than one third of a survey panel consisting of 1000 people falsely believed that antibiotics effectively worked on the common cold. Continue reading