Chlorine Dioxide Used in Anthrax Cleanup After 2001 Terrorist Attacks

It is hard to believe that the chemical compound found in our Vital Oxide disinfectant cleaner, is also the same chemical agent used to treat the deadly Anthrax disease back in 2001. Yet, this is the truth. One month after the horrific 9-11 airplane attacks, our nation suffered another morale blow. Terrorists successfully managed to target high profile individuals and offices by delivering them mail laced with the deadly anthrax bacterial disease. The anthrax attacks resulted in five deaths and 17 infections. Do you remember this public health scare? Continue reading

Norovirus Hits UK Right In the Gut

What Americans commonly refer to as the stomach flu is nicknamed “the winter vomiting bug” in the UK.  This winter season, the UK received a hard blow from the winter vomiting bug.  The norovirus is currently spreading rapidly through their schools and hospitals.  Already high absentee counts are being reported by schools due to the illness.  Fowey Community College in Cornwall had over 500 students call out sick on the same day.  One third of the pupils at the All Hallows School in Penwortham called out sick.  Hospitals in Glasgow, Swansea, Newport and Belfast also closed off several hospital wards due to the virus contamination.  Professor Hugh Pennington, a leading infections expert, says “It is an institutional thing and it is not a surprise that there have been so many outbreaks in hospitals”.  He believes that the virus spreads much more quickly in winter climates as more people are forced to stay indoors next to other people.  Schools and hospitals where large numbers of people congregate are also greater risk areas for the virus to spread.

What can be done to contain outbreaks? Continue reading

Unhygienic Conditions Onboard Carnival Triumph Cause Many to Fall Ill

It was a bittersweet Valentine’s day for the 4,200 passengers on board Carnival’s Triumph that finally arrived to port in Mobile, Alabama after spending four extra days out at sea in horrid conditions.  For guests, what started as a wonderful fun-filled four day cruise vacation turned into a nightmare when on the third night out at sea, the ship’s engine room caught on fire leaving the entire vessel without power.   It took an additional four days once the ship was stranded to tug the cruise liner back to safety.

To make matters worse because of the power outage many foods spoiled and the majority of bathrooms stopped working.  Due to the lack of functioning bathrooms, passengers had no choice but to use showers, sinks and red bags to dispose of their bodily waste.  Needless to say, the air was pungent with rancid foul odors.  Passenger Joy Dyer, one of the few passengers able to communicate via texts with the Guardian reported the conditions as “”Still having to use showers and sinks as toilets – floating waste is all over the place. Slick floors are usually human waste overflows. Smell is rank.”  She further reported on the food and water situation stating, “People are starting to go crazy for food, and especially bottled water.” Continue reading

Mothers Seeking Ways to Keep Germs Out of Daycares

Recently we received an inquiry from one of our customers about Vital Oxide.  Jessica, mother of a child who attends the daycare, Spring Tree Academy in Sunrise, FL, posed the question “Why don’t more daycares use this product?”  It is an excellent question and frankly one we are hoping to resolve.  Our company goal is to spread awareness to parents, teachers, and school administers across the country about how Vital Oxide can reduce germ infections within the classroom. Continue reading

Fight Back Against the Invasion of Black Mold

Have you ever wondered why it is so important to get new windows installed in older homes?  Or why insulation between the exterior building wall and the interior drywall is the correct way to build a healthy home?  The answer is mold prevention.  Black mold, scientifically referred to as Stachybotrys chartarum, are microscopic fungi that love to grow in wet, humid, dark places.  Common places for black mold to grow are inside walls, under floors, and above ceilings.  Black mold grows without being noticed in these conditions because these are all places where water leaks go undetected. Continue reading