Unhygienic Conditions Onboard Carnival Triumph Cause Many to Fall Ill

It was a bittersweet Valentine’s day for the 4,200 passengers on board Carnival’s Triumph that finally arrived to port in Mobile, Alabama after spending four extra days out at sea in horrid conditions.  For guests, what started as a wonderful fun-filled four day cruise vacation turned into a nightmare when on the third night out at sea, the ship’s engine room caught on fire leaving the entire vessel without power.   It took an additional four days once the ship was stranded to tug the cruise liner back to safety.

To make matters worse because of the power outage many foods spoiled and the majority of bathrooms stopped working.  Due to the lack of functioning bathrooms, passengers had no choice but to use showers, sinks and red bags to dispose of their bodily waste.  Needless to say, the air was pungent with rancid foul odors.  Passenger Joy Dyer, one of the few passengers able to communicate via texts with the Guardian reported the conditions as “”Still having to use showers and sinks as toilets – floating waste is all over the place. Slick floors are usually human waste overflows. Smell is rank.”  She further reported on the food and water situation stating, “People are starting to go crazy for food, and especially bottled water.” Continue reading

What Causes Lingering Odors in the House?

Ever been to a friend or family’s home that smells just plain awful?  Smelly homes are never fun to visit, but are even worse to permanently live in.  Who wants to live in a smelly home?  The answer is no one.  The problem lies in addressing the source of the foul odor.  Typically there are five main sources for home odor intruders.  Pets, cigarette smoke, sulfuric gas, mold, and rotten food, are the usual culprits for bad odors.  Continue reading